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Litnerd transforms books and curriculum into engaging episode series.

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Cultivating a new generation of lifelong readers!

Litnerd is a K-5 ELA or SEL program that transforms diverse books and standards-aligned curriculum into engaging and interactive episode series. Litnerd boosts student engagement, accelerates reading achievement, and inspires a life-long love of reading.

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77%% students said that Litnerd made reading fun .

What schools are saying about us

PS 200

New York City

I would like to say thank you to Litnerd for the wonderful musical, ELA, and SEL program! I received multiple comments and emails from both staff and students about how much they loved it. I will be recommending your program to other schools in my area.

Are you an Actor?

By performing in Litnerd’s cinematic adaptations of Litnerd books, actors have a chance to make a difference on a large scale. Together we create an online learning experience that improves children’s literacy and creates a new generation of highly skilled readers.

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Are you a Company?

Your corporation can partner with Litnerd by providing funding opportunities to schools to help level the playing field for students across the nation. This is our moment to make an impact and cultivate lifelong readers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Litnerd?

    Litnerd transforms books and curriculum into episode series to boost student engagement and inspire students to fall in love with reading. 

  • How does Litnerd work?

    Litnerd is a supplemental ELA or SEL program that occurs during school hours. Litnerd is created to enhance your existing ELA or SEL curriculum. Litnerd students can also access Litnerd at home and parents can monitor progress through the Parent Login. 

  • What grades and subjects does Litnerd support? 

    Litnerd is currently for Pre-K through 5th grade. We offer a choice of ELA or SEL curriculum to accompany our books and episodes. Browse our full content collection here

  • Can students use Litnerd at home? 

    Absolutely! Students can login to Litnerd anywhere, anytime. Parents and guardians can join in on the fun too with the Parent Login. 

  • How much does Litnerd cost?

    Litnerd offers discounted rates to Title 1 Schools and has a pricing model for teachers, principals and districts. Fill out this form to get started.