Zoom Security on LitNerd: For Parents

LitNerd play-dates are powered by the litnerd.com website and by a video conferencing platform called Zoom. Recently, you may have heard news of “Zoom-bombing” or Zoom “hacking,” in which unwanted guests enter a Zoom meeting. We want to assure you that LitNerd play-dates are safe, and we’ve recently taken additional security measures to make sure they stay that way. All Zoom play-dates on LitNerd are password protected to ensure only artist and your kids can access them. Additionally, our play-dates are customized to give control to artists over basic functions like screen-sharing and audio/video, which allows artists to take swift action in the event of a problem arising in play-date.
Learner safety is our top priority. You can read more about the ways we safeguard our community here.