How to prepare for your first class

How to prepare for your first play-date

Congratulations! You’ve enrolled your child in their first-ever Tiny Broadway play-date!

To set them up for the best possible first play-date experience, follow these 4 simple steps:

Before Play-Date:

1. Download Zoom

You will need to install an app called Zoom (link below). Your kids will use Zoom to connect to the live play-date on Tiny Broadway. Downloading the app is super easy and takes about 10 seconds. You don’t need to set up a personal Zoom account to access Tiny Broadway play-dates, so you can stop when you get to the sign-up screen. Click here to download Zoom.

2. Watch A Quick Zoom Tutorial

Learn basic Zoom controls to help your kids connect with their artist at Tiny Broadway. Here is a video to help guide you.

3. Test Zoom

Join a test meeting with your kids to make sure Zoom is working properly on your device. Here is a video to help guide you through this.

Have your kids practice the following:
  • Turn off / turn on microphone
  • Turn off / turn on video
  • Click the ‘Participants’ button and use the ‘raise hand’ button
  • Click the ‘Chat’ button and type ‘hello!’ into the chat box

Five Minutes Before Play-Date Starts…

4. Hop on your Zoom link

Please try and arrive 5 minutes before your play-date starts to ensure there are no technical issues.

Play-dates are best conducted in a quite space, without a lot of background noise to ensure a successful experience for all attendees.

If you experience technical issues…

Check out Zoom’s comprehensive help center.
Note: Tiny Broadway artists will do their best to assist you if you experience tech issues during play-date, but remember – their primary focus is on creating an excellent learning experience for all kids, so their ability to troubleshoot with individual families is limited.

A note on safety:

Child safety is our top priority. Visit our Safety and Community Guidelines page to learn more about steps we take y ensure safety and what you can do to help keep Tiny Broadway safe for your child.