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Why Should Your Company Support Reading?

Illiteracy is a drastic concern that impacts the United States. Covid has only made this existing crisis worse. 

• 1 in 8 children growing up in America does not learn to read

• Students who are behind when they start kindergarten make up the largest portion of high-school dropouts. 

• Students who grow up without seeing reading as a habit in their house struggle to develop healthy reading habits as adults. These students also grow up with 65% less access to age-appropriate books within their homes.

• Approximately 85% of those in the juvenile court system are classified as functionally illiterate and about 70% of inmates in U.S. prisons can’t read above a fourth-grade level. 

Help Eradicate Illiteracy


By partnering with Litnerd, you will support your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals by making an impact on the community in a meaningful way. 


Here’s how you can partner with us

Sponsor an existing Litnerd program for a school.

1. At Litnerd we pair each unique-to-us book with original performances and curriculum materials designed to teach important life lessons while improving reading and comprehension skills. Please click here to see our currently available programs.

2. Talk to us about how we can help develop a custom partnership opportunity to fit your existing CSR efforts. We will work with you to create something relevant to your brand and outreach regions. 


Are you ready to bring the value of reading to your community or one near you? Together we can change the face of illiteracy and make a lasting impact on our future generation. Contact us today to become a partner.

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