About us

What we do

Litnerd brings books to life by pairing shows and books for an interactive reading experience. Litnerd builds vocabulary, fluency, and early literacy skills in your beginning and developing readers while cultivating healthy reading habits.

Litnerd’s Research Backed Approach

Connecting Books to Live Shows

Teachers who purposefully integrate multiple forms of learning methods in their classroom engage students interests and experiences. By connecting popular shows that students know and can relate to with classroom books, students are given an opportunity to build stronger connection to the text, enhance comprehension and perform better on knowledge retention tests.

Designated Classroom Reading Time

By learning language in connection with experiences, educators can increase student comprehension. Hearing written language read aloud and engaging with books during classroom time helps students acquire an integral skill: building life-long reading habits.

Promoting Equity and Diversity

Students who grow up without seeing reading as a habit in their house struggle to develop healthy reading habits as adults. These students also grow up with 65% less access to age appropriate books within their homes. By incorporating reading programs as devoted classroom time, educators can increase student reading volume and stamina. This, in turn, correlates to higher academic achievement.

Enhancing In-Class Instruction and Library Programming

Litnerd creates more opportunities for early learners to discover the excitement and joy of reading in school or the library.

Our mission

Litnerd’s mission is to inspire young people to fall in love with reading. We provide programs for students and teachers that make it easy to connect literature to real-world applications in fun and engaging ways.